Tomato Soup

Every food item in our menu is made at store with authentic spices and herbs

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Announcing our Menu


Vegetable Pakora (6pieces) - $4.95

​Assorted vegetables battered in garbanzo bean flour and fried.

Chicken Pakora (6 pieces) - $5.95

​Boneless chicken battered in garbanzo bean flour and fried.

Aloo Bonda (2 pieces) - $4.95

Samosa picture

​Mashed potato balls seasoned with curry leaves and mustard seeds and

​deep fried.

Vegetable Samosa (2 pieces) - $4.95

​Potatoes and peas stuffed in a savory pastry.

Baba Ghonoush (Eggplant dip) $4.95

​Tandoori smoked eggplant & bell pepper with mayo and spices.

Tandoori Platter (6 pieces) - $9.95

Tandoori platter picture

​Assortment of Chicken Tikka, Malai Chicken, and Lamb BotiKebab.​

Mixed Vegetarian Platter - $7.95

​Assortment of 2 Aloo Banda, 1Samosa and 4 Vegetable Pakora.


Soup picture

Tomato Soup - $3.95

A simple creamy soup flavored with Indian spices.

Lentil Soup - $3.95

A lentil based soup.

Chicken Soup - $3.95

Lentil based with chicken and fenugreek.

Cucumber salad picture


Cucumber Salad, Indian style - $4.95

Lettuce, cucumber, tomato and onion tossed in a tangy dressing.

Ceasar Salad - $4.95

Lettuce served with Caesar dressing.


Papadum - $2.95

A thin, crisp, round flatbread.

Raita - $2.95

A cooling cucumber yogurt dip.

Tandoori Wrap - $5

Mango Chutney - $3

Rice - $3

A side of basmati rice.

Pizza - $5



Tandoor picture


Roti - $1.95

​Unleavened wheat bread.

Paratha - $2.95

​Rich buttery, multi-layered wheat bread.

Aloo or Gobi Paratha - $2.95

​Spiced potato or cauliflower stuffed in whole wheat bread.

Methi Naan - $2.95

​Oven baked leavened bread with butter and fenugreek.

Butter Naan - $2.95

Spinach naan picture

​Oven baked leavened bread with butter.

Garlic Naan - $2.95

​Oven baked leavened bread with garlic and basil.

Spinach Naan - $2.95

​Oven baked leavened bread with seasoned spinach.

Onion Naan - $2.95

Keema naan picture

​Oven baked leavened bread with fresh onion and cilantro.

Keema Naan - $2.95

​Oven baked leavened bread with ground lamb.

Chef Special Naan - $2.95

​Oven baked leavened bread with nuts.

Paneer Naan - $2.95

​Oven baked leavened bread with paneer(cheese).

Biryani picture


All biryani is slow cooked with basmati rice, herbs, nuts and raisins.

Available with Veggies $11.95, Chicken $12.95, Goat $13.95 or Lamb $14.95

Tandoori Chickenpicture


Tandoori Chicken - $12.95

Bone-in leg pieces marinated in yogurt, with bell peppers and spices.

Chicken Tikka - $12.95

Boneless chicken breast marinated in yogurt and mild spices.

Ginger Chicken - $13.95

Lamb Boti picture

Boneless chicken breast marinated in fresh ginger and a creamy garlic sauce. Roasted with bell peppers, onions, cilantro and lemon juice.

Lamb Boti Kebab - $14.95

Saffron marinated chunks of lamb.

Malai Chicken - $13.95

Boneless chicken marinated with cashews and pistachios.

Veggie grillpicture

India Mixed Grill - $14.95

Assorted pieces of tandoori chicken, malai chicken, chicken tikka and lamb kabab.

Veggie Grill - $12.95

A medley of grilled, seasonal vegetables. 



Aloo Gobi picture


Paneer Tikka Masala - $9.95

Homemade farmers cheese cooked in creamy tomato sauce.

Aloo Gobi

An all-time favorite from North India.Our grandmother’s recipe with cauliflower and potatoes.

Spinach Saagpicture

Eggplant Bhartha

Tandoor baked eggplant with peas, tomato, onion and spices.

Spinach Saag Paneer

Cubed farmers cheese cooked in a spinach curry.

Okra Onions

Dal Tadka picture

Okra tossed with onions, tomato and mango.

Dal Tadka

Yellow lentils seasoned with fresh garlic, tomato, onions and cumin.

Mushroom Masala

Fresh mushrooms and peas cooked in a creamy curry sauce.


Tikka Masalapicture

All curries available with your choice of:

Veggies $10.95, Potatoes $10.95, Chicken $12.95, Goat (bone-in) $13.95, or Lamb $14.95

Tikka Masala

Our signature butter cream tikka sauce.


Mustard picture

An aromatic spinach and onion curry.


A tomato curry made with chili, potatoes and onions.

Nawabi Korma

A creamy blended curry with cashews from Kashmir.


Curry with mustard, onions and spices.

Mint picture


Curry with mint and spices.


A traditional curry with tomatoes, onions and spices.


A coconut based curry with spices from the Goa region in India.

Bombay Mango

Bombay Mangopicture

A smooth blended creamy tomato curry with fenugreek and mango.


An aromatic masala sauce with fenugreek.

Butter Masala

A creamy sauce with North Indian spices.



Gulab Jamunpicture


Gulab Jamun - $2.95

Berry sized balls dunked in a roseflavored syrup.

Kheer picture

Kheer - $2.95

A rice pudding served with nuts.

Kulfi picture

Mango Kulfi - $2.95

A traditional Indian mango ice cream.


Mango Lassi - $3​Sweet Lassi - $3​Salty Lassi - $3​Chai Tea - $2

Strawberry Lemonade - $3​Mango Lemonade - $3

Fountain Drinks - $2

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